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LOGO Fondation Carlos Bleu

All signs show that the 21st century is indeed Africa's century.   Large multinationals are turning to Africa to position themselves and to obtain supplies, there is no need to demonstrate this.

The conditions for Africa to be part of the superpowers are met, because Africa has the human, material, cultural and other resources to enter this dance with its own rhythm. However, it is not resources that matter, but the awareness of who we are and what we want to become. All that's missing is the political will and awareness for Africa to take off.

To win the battle of the 21st century and meet the criteria for admission to the competition, a new generation of African leaders and leaders is emerging, an interconnected and uninhibited generation, This generation no longer allows itself to be locked in the complexes developed by the African diaspora in during its long history and which result from slavery, racial segregation, colonization or the unfavorable economic and social conditions of black communities.

Today we are witnessing a wind of change with a new generation of Africans who are in creativity and innovation. It offers new solutions that are useful and adapted to the context in which they are manifested on the African continent. In fact, it is able to participate in the transformations of the course of the history of Africa and clearly appears as one of the keys to its challenges and to those of the world.  Today, it has its place in the construction of the continent, because it is an essential element of Africa's transition towards inclusive development and emergence.


All these reasons mentioned above, naturally motivated the creation of the Carlos Bleu foundation in order to provide innovative and democratic tools to Africans for the march towards true emergence.

The Carlos Bleu Foundation aims to bring out a new conscious, responsible and dynamic generation of African leaders, executives and political figures.The foundation also wishes to contribute to political innovation in Africa, to pluralism of thought and to the renewal of public debate. 

Play an important role in the process of economic and social development in Africa, encourage and support all the actors of these important sectors for the emergence of our society today and tomorrow.

The Carlos Bleu Foundation is  a place of expertise, reflection and debate and force of proposal. The Foundation strives to describe and understand African society in the making. Education,  immigration, political and economic issues, health, innovation  technological in the  agricultural sector, the growing weight of environmental issues and globalization are some of the phenomena that are working towards the emergence of a new world. The analysis of these transformations and their consequences on our political, economic and social life constitutes the heart of the work and actions of the Carlos Bleu Foundation.


Thanks to its website, the foundation will also be an information tool for African news and will make documents and research work available.


The Foundation cannot limit its activity to observation. In certain cases, it could bring its expertise to political, social and intellectual debates, through innovative proposals and / or recommendations aimed at political, economic and social actors, both public and private.

The foundation will organize conferences, public lunch-debates on several themes to which political figures, researchers, executives, managers, leaders and others will be invited to debate and propose innovative and democratic solutions.

In order to encourage excellence in Africa and in all sectors, excellence prizes will be awarded each year to personalities who have distinguished themselves in education, politics, economics, entrepreneurship, and social and research.


                                                                                                                                       Carlos Blue     

                         President of the Foundation


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