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President of the Carlos Bleu Foundation

CEO of the Bleu Eagles group



Association president, politician, businessman, senior executive specializing in management, logistics and transport management, management IT specialist, Carlos Bleu comes from the Yacouba (Dan) people of western Côte d'Ivoire. He is the youngest of a modest family of 8 children in which he lived all his childhood in Yopougon Port-bouet 2 in Abidjan, economic capital of Côte d'Ivoire. Married and father of three children, he is a charismatic, hard-working, rigorous and philanthropic man.


Holder of several diplomas and training (Master of Science and Engineering MIAGE, Master of Management and Supply Chain, Training in entrepreneurship and innovation, etc.

He began his professional career in the 2000s in Côte d'Ivoire within the Bolloré Africa Logistics group, which he left to start a new career in France where he had the privilege of working within several large groups such as Carrefour headquarters France, Sony Europe, Fadi Prestige, SNCF, Atalian France, etc ... Rich in all these great professional and ambitious experiences, he is today CEO of the Bleu Eagles group, specializing in HR, logistics and who, in future, is projected in several fields of activity namely, engineering, industry, etc ...


Passionate about his region of origin, the Tonkpi, he became involved in the social life of this region in 2014 by carrying out several actions in support of local populations. Anxious to do more for his community of origin, this ambition led him to political life and motivated his candidacy in 2016 for the post of Mayor of the city of Danané, home town of his father François Bleu. This commitment will therefore mark the beginning of a political life and develop a passion for national and international politics.


His fierce determination to improve the living conditions of his population, and especially his vision of bringing his community together, will lead him to create in 2008 the first Dan community Facebook group "the yacouba Dan", which brings together at least 57,000 members mainly from of the Dan people diaspora all over the world. From this group was born his association the Haut Conseil Dan pour le Développement et la Solidarité (HCDDS) also of international scope which intervenes in the fields of education, social and economic development, improvement of access to healthcare. and drinking water, female entrepreneurship, etc ...

For more information on the association, you can consult the website


With a view to sharing all the great experiences of his rich professional career, his vision of the world and especially of the African continent, his political and associative life, he created the Carlos Bleu foundation in order to encourage and bring out a new conscious generation. , responsible and dynamic of African leaders, executives and political figures.


This blog comes to be an open door to the world in order to learn more, share its achievements, expose its opinions and give the opportunity to other African personalities and citizens to express themselves on topical subjects whether in political life, associations, culture, entrepreneurship, education, health, corporate life and the business world.

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